Personal space to do your hearts work as an individual in a unity atmosphere

Tom Sawyer “Painters” 

We are building lean education centers, “7 Gen Style™”.

Lean education centers where you are paid to create your own business, while you work completing value task, that are required associated with your hearts work.  This allows you to own your whole situation being self sufficient on the way to thriving.

Just give us a clear understanding of what you’re really looking for in your clothing and fashion choices, and we’ll get started right away!

A hand holding Cannabis plant in a legal farm in Turkey.  Hemp producing for organic fiber.

Alterations and Design

Custom Fitting Made Easy

Have an idea for something but can’t find it?  Need a special item made for a special event?  We do that. We can also take in, let out, and otherwise adjust clothing, so you can find just what you like and have it made to fit you the right way.

Come in and see us, we’ll talk about your ideas, so we can give you just what you’re looking for!


Teach ourselves & our FAMILIES to fish 

and we can feed our families for a life time and the communities for that sake

If you are unable to get food, and I give you fish,  you are dependent on me.  When we do our hearts work, it seems that we get the tools we need and the teachers and lessons are placed in front of us.  We have to have the knowledge of how to use them, so that we can be substantiating and on our way to thriving.

We are working a project to bring down the dams responsibly, good for all to allow the Salmon to flow freely.  Interested in this sign up sheet?  Tell us how you may be able to add value, owning a particular task independently, with a smalll group or family, where everyone is participating.


It doesn’t have to be a stressful experience, though, and you don’t have to spend time guessing whether something is going to look right. We’ll be happy to give you honest, thoughtful opinions and advice about what you wear and how it looks, so you can make fashion choices you’re comfortable with.

You’re free to pick out what you like, and there’s never any pressure to buy something just because we like the way it looks on you. It’s always your choice, and we firmly believe that, as the customer, you know what’s best for your wardrobe choices.

We love to be helpful, and we will work with you to find pieces that look great on you and make you feel comfortable. It’s often nice to get another opinion on your clothing choices, and when you get opinions from people who work with fashion all the time, you can feel even more comfortable in the choices you make and how you look in the clothes you love.


Personal Shoppers

Fashion Consulting