Action plans are drafts in            Dream state moving towards manifestations

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Who We Are  (draft)

7 Gen Co-op’s:  Perhaps Elders will volunteer at the day care centers to share wisdom they have gathered throughout their lives. The possibilities are endless with open arms and love for all.  7 Gen is for profit cooperative growing grassroots communities through the use of reservation schools for teaching skills that will benefit the community and the individuals, making the natives on the reservation owners and managers with a focus on future growth for the next 7 generations.
Starting with ourselves, we learn the knowledge and teach the indigenous native people and tribes to become great teachers and owners as we build our futures together and spread throughout the World.
We will create virtually free energy for use at home, with traveling power units and energy to grow food year round, all produced safely.  All man will be prepared for and able to withstand the shifting of Mother Earths poles. 
We will work to have a World free of toxic and hazardous waste and devoid of negative spiritual forces.  We will eradicate the Vatican, Black Goo, Archon, and parasitic A.I. which will raise the vibrations of compassion and love upon the whole of Mother Earth.
We will accomplish our goals with self-grown profitable education centers: Tom Sawyer style.

These small profitable centers will grown into thriving communities, the communities will grow into more thriving communities, and more thriving communities which will lead to a thriving Mother Earth which can bond with other thriving Mother Earths…perfection!

When one is profitable they have the ability to create and manifest in line with the future 7 generations.

We will each be profit centers that can bond with other profit centers to grow into thriving communities that can bond with other thriving communities …

Draft map

Natural Powers to free the Salmon

suppressed health

EB – Creation Teeth  Center ( steam cell teeth development) (Hologram cell regeneration’s) 

The Finest Hemp and CannibaS products

Base Products productions    (power cordz)

Suppressed Technology development