Drafting of the   –  

Trade Treaties 2020

Forming New Trade Treaties  “7 Gen Style™”  

Utilizing our 1820 Treaty to travel and be clothed per United States

Totally Drafting mode live of a New Treaty with the United States … getting ideas to expand to all America and to add the products we create, safe free distribution through our original trading lands of what ever we develop, claiming all trusted land control and future talks of  our lands compensations.


To see the forming of an Native Americans Trade Treaties with United States, Canada & Mexico

Forming Trade Treaties with our Original Trading Partners

Creating business and trade, sharing our cultures, our knowledge and wisdom to benefit all without fear of suppression.  We love our World and wish for the best of all Americans and the people whom live on Mother Earth.

The Anishinaabeg (the “Original People” or “Spontaneous Beings”)

Sault Tribe’s ancestors were Anishinaabeg trade travel develop what our heat desires good for our World and the seven future generations with the wisdom of our 7 grandfathers. 

fishing tribes whose settlements dotted the upper Great Lakes around Lake Superior, Lake Michigan and Lake Huron, throughout the St. Marys River system and the Straits of Mackinac. Anishinaabeg gathered for the summers in places like Bahweting (Sault Ste. Marie) and broke up into family units for the winter.

They hunted, fished, gathered and preserved food for the winter. They were respectful to their elders and treasured their children. They conducted ceremonies for good health, thanksgiving, war, funerals and other things and strove to conduct their lives in a good way.

Anishinaabeg lived this way for hundreds of years until the arrival of European settlers in the 1600s. The Anishinaabeg had dealings with first the French, then the English, then the United States. The Anishinaabeg lifeway began to deteriorate as the people were placed on reservations, sent to boarding schools, along with other attempts to matriculate them into American mainstream society.

Ideas to cover in Treaties

  1. Hemp and Cannabis production and distribution.
  2. With all American Tribes, Americans and our World with guaranteed safe travel.
  3. Develop of safe good of our World suppressed technologies with our fellow indigenous Native Americans for the benefit of our 500 nations and our American friends, United States of America friends and business relationships.  
  4. Medical benefits of Science Suppressed Cures. Microscopes watch atoms in real time, in natural setting and everything at a level never seen before “7 Gen Style™”.
  5. Clean earth replaces plastics with Hemp products 100’s of lean Native family owned micro business “7 Gen Style™”.
  6. Cleaning all hazardous material and nuclear waste while benefiting the World, getting the Salmon flowing and crops producing healthier, fully loaded enzymes food for ourselves and our world “7 Gen Style™”.
  7. Creating a safe place for new ideas to be created in a lean safe place for people to do their hearts work in a safe community free from targeting and any retaliation for the creators and the supporting communities with the tools that merit their creations potentials for greatness, a place for targeted inventors of key inventions for our World on all Tribes.
  8. Work to remove all fake dividers and bad actors targeting us and our native friends within the Fake British entities, BAR, SERCO SES Senior executive service human services stealing our children Pilgrim Society and the like, from harming us, and stealing our children for there sick sacrifices.
  9. Full study of effects of Music 440 verse 432 frequency 5 G (super microwaves, super weapons)  Vaccines and Fluoride (nuclear waste) in our water, Geo engineering.
  10. True weather (pole positioning flipping awareness preparations).
  11. Meeting to be held upon request of treated members of all Government official leads, in all States, to inform them of our Treaties rights when not enforced with penalties.
  12. Banking (Universal Bank Card). 
  13. Slave Bonds Remonstrance (treaty).
  14. All Tribes rights to use their lands as they wish and future discussions of lands and their resource management.


A line in business, trade and sharing our cultures to benefit all without fear of suppression.  We love our world and wish for the best of all Americans and the people whom live on Mother Earth!