7 gen cooperative Hemp to nuke plan-draft 3

Thomas Sawyer’s painters wanted

Movement setters become a “7 Gen Style™” 

Family member


creating the Industries Best products

Choose your color choice, we have all colors of the rainbow to choose from, and you can always mix your own color and start painting “7 Gen Style™”. Creation with your heart … doing your hearts work to become sustaining to thriving!

spreading the love

  1. I love you Video Creators
  2. I love you Clip Manager

social media

Social Media Promoters

Chat Room Creator

News Room Creator

working Native members and family and

go GETTERs, & students


  • Document Proof-Ers
  • Wise Mentoring Leads and Advisors 
  • Creation Project Leaders
  •  Creating  Students


Creation centers first draft


Io Magick Proposal (live link)

This proposal is a wish list of manifestations of sorts, listing potential Tribes that may like to contribute, no commitment has been asked or agreed to at this time.  All is in formatting stages.

7 gen co-op action plans are to come

Study Topic:  Creating Lean Value Creations

In Draft format


Get up and running quickly!

  • Student 
  • Build Self Hearts Work 
  • Forming  Small Production Teams
  • Building Creation Centers
  • Growing Products

24 Seeds

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Growing business, growing needs.

  • Sustaining
  • Lean Business Skills
  • Pre-Sales
  • Lean Valued Production
  • Delivering Goods 
  • Managing Profits
  • Mentoring Beginners

240 Seeds

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Need more? Don’t worry, we’re here!

  • Thriving
  • Lean Business
  • Creation OwnCenter
  • Pre Sales & Daily Sales
  • Lean Valued Production
  • Delivering 
  • Managing Profits
  • Mentoring Intermediates
  •  Community Gratitude
  • Future 7 Generations

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