Working, within our hearts


Seventh Generation

Decisions are made with an eye to the seventh generation.  This means planning ahead and looking forward to see how future generations will be affected by one’s decisions.




Seventh Grandfathers

Following the seven grandfather’s teachings, help the
Anishinaabeg to conduct themselves in an ethical manner and
spend their time productively.

Nbwaakaawin—Wisdom—Use good sense.

Zaagidwin—Love—Practice absolute kindness.

Minadendmowin—Respect—Act without harm.

Aakdewin—Bravery—  Use courage to choose.

Debwewin—Truth—Be faithful to reality.

Dbaadendizwin—Humility—Treat all life equally.

Gwekwaadziwin—Honesty—Tell the truth.


Tell Me, I forget,  Show me, i remember,  Involve me,

I Understand…



See  the Forming New Chippewa Trade Treaties 2019   “7 Gen Style™”  

Creating business and trade and sharing our cultures to benefit all without fear of suppression.  We love our World and wish for the best of all Americans and the people whom live on Mother Earth!

Our Founding Creators…. Creations 

Current & Gen Co-Ops , Io Products, Power Cordz Infinity Drive 

iodupont business plan thg 3 (3) for 2014 update 

worlds lightest high end control cordz

  “I love you” Video clips for our world

Doing our Hearts work, Collecting  “I love you” videos clips to share with our World.   Send in an “I love you” clip or clips and join in our endeavor to make our World thrive!

  7 Gen Style, we work on ourselves to be the “Our Best” , Peace be with us all.   Join our Amusement Center


 Everyone to enjoy!

Future Lean creation centers manifesting

Hemp Cannabis and fully loaded emzined non GMO natural medicines and foods while creating 100’s of native family sustaining to thriving micro business (first goal: 150-300 micro families  “7 Gen Style™“) 


Steam-cell Growing our own teeth, ( Butterfly Children) an advance to cell regeneration healing.  (First goal:  to 10,00 EB people with there own perfect EB free teeth 7 Gen Style™)


Suppressed Microscopes, looking to have Steve Ross and his associations support  with native nations to assist in the creations productions distributions.  (First  Goal: Riff and Memos get  Recognition for there amazingly beautiful creations  7 Gen Style™)     


New Steam engines,  looking to gain Dr Thomas Sawyer, and the local Native tribes and members.  nearly endless energy for the native tribes to use and share with the Americans and our World.  (Goal Free the Salmon  7 Gen Style™)