7 Gen Co-Ops

(website is in drafting mode, lean & live, growing with the community to be come sustaining)

Creating thriving lean  Creations centers developing suppressed technologies and all the wonderful things our hearts desire us to be, motivated to dream and manifest  Beautiful creations to help our world thrive.                                                                           “7 Gen Style™   


Building and creating profit thriving education centers lean and mean, creation centers for all ages, where you create value to be inline with your heart’s work and desires to build your own value creations.  Places where it is safe to create and produce the future produces “7 Gen Style™.

  Perhaps Elders and their offspring will share in their wisdom’s assisting us in  the creations of all our future community creation centers,  to share wisdom they have gathered throughout their lives, in a Tom Sawyer kind of  style.  The possibilities are endless with open arms and love for all.   “7 Gen Style™ is for profit cooperative growing grassroots communities through the use of reservation schools for teaching skills that will benefit the community and the individuals, making the natives on the reservation owners and managers with a focus on future growth for the next 7generations.
Starting with ourselves, we learn the knowledge and teach the indigenous native people and tribes to become great teachers and owners as we build our futures together and spread throughout theWorld.  Which we look to utilize so we can all raise our
vibrations of compassion and love upon the whole of Mother Earth.

We will accomplish our goals with self-grown profitable education centers:

These small profitable centers will be grown into thriving communities, the communities will grow into more thriving communities, and more thriving communities which will lead to a thriving Mother Earth,  which can bond with other thriving Mother Earths…perfection!

When one is sustaining and profitable they have the ability to create and manifest in line with the future 7 generations with more ease,  let’s make this happen!

We will each be profit centers that can bond with other profit centers to grow into thriving communities that can bond with other thriving communities …   It starts with ourselves creating value creations to share with our communities and World.



 Hemp Producing for Organic Fiber

UPCOMING EVENTS & Creations PRojects

Civic class Due Process in Law  Group work class !  Creation drafted during EB Awareness week October 25-31.  To Bring out cure, in Steam-cell for our teeth…Boom Boom Boom

Started Live, come join 

Collecting “I love you” video clips, to share with the world  to let everyone know we love them we wish to unite in love and do our hearts work  to make our world thriving for our future seven generations…Bang bang Bang    

Started Live  come join 

Thomas Sawyer twisted good we need painters, go getters,  wannabees, supporters and watchers…  to help build great creation centers with our American natives tribes and go getting americans and wantabees,,… want To help?…Da Da Da

Starting as we get painters

Hemp and CannAbIs, tree of life   – An all day, everyday event… get your beach brushes ready just in time for the summer. we are planting seeds.  that’s what I want to do!…do do do


Work Volenteer painters